A Southside West Monroe resident wants the levee grass maintained

Published: Sep. 16, 2021 at 6:55 PM CDT
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MONROE, La. (KNOE) - A resident on the Southside of West Monroe says the levee grass is growing out of control making it a breeding ground for snakes. One resident says he wants levee officials to cut the grass every two weeks. Keeping the Southside of West Monroe safe and beautiful is a top priority for one resident.

“The complaint I’m having is we have snakes coming from across the street from the levee,” said James Johnson, a Southside West Monroe Resident.

He says he’s lived on South Riverside for the last five years. Johnson works hard to keep his lawn looking nice but he’s disappointed when he looks across the street.

“I feel like since I’m on the southside, we are forgotten, but the Northside, the Garden District, they can maintain and manicure that levee and that lawn,” he said.

Johnson says the overgrown grass is causing an influx of insects and snakes. As Johnson stood in one area of the grass you could see it came near his shoulders. He is also upset you can’t see the Don Juan Historical Monument because of the high grass. Levee officials say they can only cut the grass once a month.

“We are responsible for over 100 miles of the levee with this location alone, our Monroe location. We maintain levee systems throughout eight Parishes in North to Central Louisiana,” said Brandon Waggoner, the Tensas Base and Levee District Assistant Director.

He says their main focus is taking care of flood control.

“It would absolutely cost more money. We would have to purchase additional equipment. We would almost have to double our manpower in order to facilitate that and maintain all our other flood control responsibility,” Waggoner said.

He says he wants community members to know they are trying hard to keep the Southside of West Monroe beautiful.

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