City of Monroe Pumps operational but three still need repair

Problems at Monroe's Pumps
Published: Sep. 14, 2021 at 6:19 PM CDT
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MONROE, La. (KNOE) - The City of Monroe is having issues fixing pump stations within the city. The main reason is the company that repairs these types of issues is backed up.

Flooding back in 2016 caused 10 to 15 billion dollars in damage. Speaking to Tom Janaway, the Public Works Director, we found out the issue of the delay. The delay is the company where the parts are sent for repairs in Birmingham.

“We understand that there are several other gearheads they are looking at from the New Orleans area and other places that were hard hit by the hurricanes,” said Janaway.

The pumps that are having the issues are the Pub Westminster off Oliver Road, Lamy Lane, and Rochelle Avenue stations that all have parts that need repair. One station is a priority for the city due to its limited capacity.

“The one that we are concerned about, where we are at two-third capacity, is Rochelle, but the good news there is we now have a retention pond where we did not have a retention pond in the past,” said Janaway.

The retention ponds were constructed in 2017 to help with this issue.

There is also good news that they have put in an emergency order for repairs on the Rochelle pump station and will be repaired quickly.

“One electric motor may not make it if we have to put it under heavy load for an extended period of time,” said Janaway. Janaway expects this to speed up the process to get the part from the manufacturer.

Overall, Janaway says that the pumps are working.

The parts for the Pub Westminster station are ready to go and waiting on repair.

Janaway said, “The parts are in and we’re just waiting on the technician to install the parts.”

This will hopefully put citizens at ease knowing that these are getting the attention they need.

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