Morehouse Parish special education supervisor chosen for state leadership program

Published: Aug. 19, 2021 at 8:33 PM CDT
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MOREHOUSE PARISH, La. (KNOE) - The Louisiana Department of Education recently chose 15 special education leaders from around the state to participate in a leadership program.

Dr. Dana Boockoff is the only special education leader chosen from Northeast Louisiana for the program. She currently serves as the special education supervisor for Morehouse Parish schools. She graduated from Louisiana Tech University with a social studies education degree but fell in love with working with special education students and helping them succeed.

The fellow academy is yearlong, and the goal is to train the next generation of leaders to improve outcomes for Louisiana students with disabilities.

“I would like for students with disabilities to have all of the opportunities that every other student has, and for all of us to recognize that all students can learn and that all students need to be challenged to reach their full potential,” Dr. Boockoff said. “We need to have high expectations for everyone. We need to aim for high achievement, but we need to make sure we always celebrate growth for students.”

Throughout the fellowship, the team will work on an executive learning project to improve opportunities for students with disabilities in their parishes. Then, they’ll present their ideas to a panel of experts.

Dr. Boockoff is partnered with a teacher in Sabine parish and says she’s already learned a lot.

“Make sure that you look at the whole picture, and then kind of break it down into steps. What are the needs, ask yourself? What is the need? what can we do to provide support and services for that need? Evaluate and reflect on how did that work? What are things that we can do to adjust to make the programs better for the students with disabilities?” Dr. Boockoff said.

She wants to work on adding a program that has worked for her mentor-coach in Sabine parish.

Students with disabilities go on field trips for practice and training to transition from high school to the workforce.

Dr. Boockoff says she’s excited for the opportunity to learn from veteran special education supervisors and bring new techniques back to Morehouse Parish.

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