Feed Your Soul: Tribe’s Restauraunt

380 Bernice Hwy Suite 3, Farmerville, LA 71241
Published: Aug. 16, 2021 at 7:44 PM CDT
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FARMERVILLE, La. (KNOE) - Farmerville is widely known in Louisiana for its Watermelon festival. I found that there is a restaurant in the area with more than just watermelons to bring you up to the town in Northeast Louisiana.

Tribe’s Restaurant is a unique place that makes sure you have some great food that will leave you with a little bit of spice. Colby Rushing has been cooking for a while. He started in different kitchens in Ruston and then graduated to his own restaurant in Farmerville that started out as a food truck.

His menu is eclectic, but Rushing says, “my menu is way too big.”

With items from burgers to tacos, to pow wow, you can find something that will fit your appetite.

“I have a love for Mexican food, and cajun cooking and all the... Anything spicy, anything that hits you in the face when you eat it,“ says Rushing, “either fresh preparation or cook it for 24 hours.”

Rushing takes his time with the roast beef, having to make sure he has a day and a half to complete the process.

Rushing is a fan of the spicy chicken sandwich, which is also a favorite.

“The sauce for that hot chicken sandwich is a sauce has been floating around between all of us line cooks in that area. For a long time,” Rushing said.

The restaurant’s name comes from his dad who used to refer to his family as his tribe. Some would assume it is Native American, but it is from his Germanic Tribe roots. Rushing explains, “It’s family, it is a togetherness, a unity if you will.”

That tribe was needed when he tried to open the brick-and-mortar restaurant.

“We were scheduled to open in October of 2019 open a brick and mortar, and I had a car accident. We rescheduled to open in March of 2020. And we all know how that went,” Rushing recalls.

But even through that, he wanted to make sure everyone has a place.

“When you come in this restaurant, you need to feel like family and feel like you are a part of this place,” Rushing said.

If you are like me, you will easily become a part of the tribe.

Head over to Tribe’s and eat and shop at the Louisiana local!

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