Feed Your Soul: Clawdaddy’s Crawfish And Oyster Bar

7601 Hwy 165 N, Suite 101, Monroe, LA 71203
Owner Luke Parrish opened Clawdaddy’s back at the beginning of May, and has been on fire ever since.
Published: Aug. 2, 2021 at 6:42 PM CDT
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MONROE, La. (KNOE) -When you come into Clawdaddy’s, you can feel the heat of the grill making the signature grilled oysters.

Owner Luke Parrish opened Clawdaddy’s back at the beginning of May and has been on fire ever since. The success has come with a simple menu of only 12 items that include dishes such as po’boys, crab, shrimp, and fried boudin balls, and of course, oysters.

“You can do 12 things really well and you can do 12 things really consistently,” Parish said.

Parrish does those things well plus he prides himself by not having that gritty texture that some oysters have. He has a secret process that helps flush the oyster of the sand and grit that some get. He also has good drinks and a great bar menu, but his mainstay is oysters. Both raw and grilled oysters are on the menu, and 75% of tables order oysters of some type.

Although he started with crawfish, he was needing more to balance his menu.

“I needed to find a sustainable product that will hold us in that offseason. I racked my brain and then what I came up with was oysters,” Parish explained.

His supplier was skeptical about how much he could sell in this area and suggested only buy what he needed. They were telling him that other local restaurants were at 14 cases at most.

Parish said one told him, “Man, I think that’s too many, I think you need to scale back, go back, go to ten.”

Opening night, they sold nine of those ten cases of oysters.

“My dad actually drove, drove four or five hours at three o’clock in the morning went and picked up his pickup truck full of ice with 30 more cases.”

So, I had to try some and they are the best I have tasted.

Yet, his success is not just due to the food he makes. There is also a mindset to help others.

“Hospitality is how you make people feel. You take care of your community, you take care of your people, you take care of your staff, money will come.”

Parrish sets out the extra food at the end of the night for people to come by and grab for those who need it.

“We set it out there for people to come and get and pick up and I don’t want to go into waste,” said Parrish, “You may have a family that’s got four or five, six kids maybe not payday until tomorrow, maybe not payday for a couple of days, and things are a little tight, man big old box of chicken strips to take care of that.”

It’s that kind of hospitality that he lives by to help others when he can.

Head out to 7601 Hwy 165 N in Monroe and have some raw hospitality over at Clawdaddy’s. In the meantime, check out some of the other places we’ve visited recently.

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