La. house speaker Clay Schexnayder previews veto override session

Schexnayder confident on override of transgender sports bill
Published: Jul. 19, 2021 at 10:26 PM CDT
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MONROE, La. (KNOE) - Louisiana’s first veto override session will begin just hours from now, on Tuesday, July 20th at noon. With the session being the first of its kind, lawmakers are curious about how the session will work.

“It’s something new to everybody,” House Speaker Clay Schexnayder said.

“We are finalizing everything now as far as getting schedules and pieces in place. Even staff is wondering which steps to take next because we have never had to do this before,” he said.

As for how bills will be brought to the floor, Schexnayder says the original author must bring a motion to the floor.

“That motion, as I understand, is a 53, just a majority just to be able to bring it up,” Schexnayder said. “To pass it, to override the veto, would be a two-thirds.”

The speaker doesn’t expect bills to have much time on the floor once a motion to consider is passed.

“I look for us to go in and not have a full-blown debate,” the speaker said. “I think we go in and discuss the Governor’s veto letter. See if it has any merit to it. From there, we would take a vote.”

Schexnayder says he has heard from lawmakers regarding specific issues but acknowledged that he hasn’t counted up votes regarding particular bills.

“As far as me going out and actually whipping votes. I haven’t done that in the past.” Schexnayder added, “that is not how I work and operate.”

Despite that, the speaker did tell reporters that he was confident in overriding Governor John Bel Edward’s veto of SB156, which would ban transgender women from playing on women’s sports teams.

“Of course, the two biggest in the room are the Women’s Protection Act and the Constitutional Carry,” Schexnayder said. “I feel 100% confident on the Women’s Protection Act bill.”

Lawmakers will have until Saturday to complete the session. However, Schexnayder doesn’t think the session will last the full five days.

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