Lincoln Parish Schools address 2021 mask requirements, extracurricular activities

Published: Jul. 19, 2021 at 7:09 AM CDT
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RUSTON, La. (KNOE) - With the start of the 2021 school getting closer, some parents may be wondering whether their child needs a mask.

Lincoln Parish Schools Superintendent Ricky Durrett says they will socially distance two to three feet the best they can in classes. They will clean at least two to three times throughout the day.

Last year, Lincoln Parish Schools required everyone to wear a face mask, but they were mainly face-to-face learning. Though, there were some students who were virtual all year long.

The superintendent says the school board used guidance from the state, listened to several calls with the CDC and talked with principals.

“Right now, masks are optional for all students,” Durrett said. “We do recommend, though, that if a student has not been vaccinated that they wear a mask, but that will be up to the parent to decide that. Our faculty will be optional to wear the mask or not. We do recommend though, that if they’re not vaccinated, that they wear the mask. Bus drivers will need to wear a mask if they’re not vaccinated. If they’ve been vaccinated, they will not. Then kids on the bus, we highly recommend that they wear the mask.”

He feels the policy they’ve currently come up with is fair and safe for every child.

Lincoln Parish is hoping to again offer experiences like joining clubs and having meetings. If there are field trips, it will be for academics or somewhere outside.

The school board wants to bring back things that parents and children look forward to that enrich the learning environment and school experience.

“There’s nothing like kids interacting with each other having discussions in class. All of these type things that just help kids grow, not just mentally, but emotionally and socially. All of those are important to us and in developing in the entire student and preparing them for how to interact with other kids and just work through issues and problems that kids may have throughout the day,” Durrett said.

Durrett thinks the teachers did a get a great job putting together online learning, but they are hopeful for face-to-face learning all year long.

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