New art directs people to downtown Monroe

Published: Jul. 6, 2021 at 7:33 PM CDT
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MONROE, La. (KNOE) - Whether spreading a message or selling items to tourists, murals have been a part of history for years and are making a comeback. Many cities are using murals to bring artists to collaborate with the city.

A new one recently popped up that brings the essence of downtown to the streets of Monroe and is re-discovering a part of the city once forgotten.

“I wanted literal arrow pointing downtown. And I like to work with people like a figurative element. And so doing a musician was kind of a no-brainer. And for me, the animals represent ideas coming together to form some art, whether it’s the mural itself or maybe the musical composition from our musician.” says Jason Nelson, the artist of the mural.

Jason has been doing commercial art for a while with his company Trick Button, yet this is his first mural project.

The mural is on a building and faces 8th street at Louisville Avenue.

Terri Kent, with the Downtown Monroe Association, says the goal is to re-brand part of the area many do not consider downtown.

“That was the main reason we wanted it on Louisville--because of the high traffic and because we wanted people to be aware that that is considered part of the downtown district.”

The Downtown Monroe Association and Century Next Bank funded the project.

Nelson says he was inspired by the art process itself.

“For me, the animals are the ideas and the musician represents all artists, whether it’s a photographer, or a dancer or a writer. As far as the colors, I enjoy using magenta, I use a lot my fine art.”

Nelson hopes that others will follow the lead of Century Next Bank.

“Hopefully, other people will step up and pay for some artists do their thing and make art and make our town more lively, more colorful, more interesting. "

Both Nelson and the Downtown Monroe Association hope it will bring more life to the downtown entertainment and arts district for years to come.

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