Children make plea for return of missing Bastrop mother

Updated: Jun. 10, 2021 at 7:33 PM CDT
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MONROE, La. (KNOE) - Bastrop Police said they are taking three items found inside Tabitha Queen’s car to the state crime lab in Shreveport June 11, 2021. They also said they have brought in four to five people for questioning but have no suspects at this time.

Queen’s mother said she is still not satisfied with how this investigation is going.

Tabitha Queen’s Mother, Mary Lunford, feels the surveillance video should have been released sooner. The video shows a black male dropping Queen’s car off on West Pine St. and then walking away on May 10, 2021.

“First of all, when that video showing that man, they should’ve released it, not two days, not three days, not four days, not a month. It should’ve been released then, ASAP,” said Lunford.

Bastrop Police Detective DeWayne Reed said they released the video yesterday because they need help identifying the man seen driving Queen’s car.

“There was certain elements of this investigation that we wanted to keep to ourselves but now since we done as much investigation as we could on it, that’s why we released it now,” said Detective Reed.

“The more help we have, the quicker we can see if we can locate this person and what has happened to her,” said Reed.

Queen’s three children have gone an entire month without their mother. Queen’s oldest child, Alice, is 10-years-old, and she remembers what her mom was wearing the last time she saw her.

“She had some pink sweatpants on and she had her favorite jacket on that she loved to wear,” said Alice Queen.

Alice said she was really scared the day her mom went missing. She said she was left home alone with her siblings for at least 24-hours before she went to the neighbors house.

“I got scared, I ain’t wanna live in Louisiana again,” said Alice Queen.

Queen’s children have been back and forth from Louisiana to Texas and Mississippi, staying with family. Ultimately, Queen’s children said they want their mom to come home.

“Mom if you’re watching this, I love you and come home,” said Alice Queen.

Bastrop Police said they have swabbed Queen’s car for DNA and found none. Bastrop Police said they’ve been in touch with the Morehouse Parish Sheriff’s office and other private agencies like Queen’s cell phone carrier. They said it’s possible for the FBI to get involved in the future.

“There’s always a chance that a missing persons case can get picked up by the FBI, yes,” said Detective Reed.

Reed said they have not received any information from the public since they released the video on June 9, 2021.

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