Proposed bill would allow concealed carry in Louisiana without a permit

Training would be optional
Published: Mar. 9, 2021 at 8:44 AM CST
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MONROE, La. (KNOE) - Could needing a permit to carry a concealed gun become a thing of the past in Louisiana? A new bill would do just that.

The “Constitutional Carry” bill does away with concealed carry permits in the state. Some gun owners believe that’s right on target, but others disagree.

“I believe that it should pass. I think everyone has a right to own and bear arms,” said TP Outdoors Manager Mark George.

“I don’t believe in just turning guns loose to anybody as far as the concealed carry deal,” said gun owner Brian Barnard.

Louisiana State Rep. Danny McCormick filed the bill, also known as HB 16.

“We’re here in the sportsman paradise and we love our second amendment,” said Rep. McCormick. “And I tell everyone there’s no ‘but’ in the second amendment. Some people say ‘I like the second amendment but...’ there’s no but in the second amendment. You’re either for it or against it, so we’re going on the offense with our second amendment.”

The bill would allow anyone over 18 to carry a concealed handgun without a permit and it makes training optional.

Currently, several hours of classroom instruction and training are required. Gun owner Brian Barnard said training and permits are necessary.

“I do not agree because I’ve had my permit ever since it first came out. And the state trooper that trained me, he teaches you the laws that are in effect and the ones that have changed and if you’re going to qualify, you have to shoot a silhouette and you have to qualify or you can’t get one,” said Barnard.

However, anyone under a federal or state gun ban would not be eligible.

The manager at TP Outdoors, Mark George, is on board for the changes.

“I’m a second amendment advocate. I’m a gun owner. Multiple states have this law and I can see where it would benefit here,” said George.

If the bill is passed, Louisiana would be the nineteenth state with a “constitutional carry” law in place.

The legislative session will begin on April 12, 2021.

View HB 16 - Louisiana Legislature 2021 Regular Session

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