NELA residents snow day

Published: Feb. 15, 2021 at 7:56 PM CST
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MONROE, La. (KNOE) - A new version of Northeast, Louisiana paradise had residents scrambling to find new hobbies.

“I love it. I been wanted some snow. Finally, got some, and I put it up in the freezer.”

Just yards off Arkansas road, these youngsters were creating a new path.

“I think it is amazing and it really fluffy. It is really fun.”

The pelican state and the 318 area code are known for a number of things, but snowball fights are not one of them.

For the second time this year, Regina fairly and her son Jaden found themselves in a white wonderland.

“I love it. Last time we were out here till midnight playing in the snow.”

Snowball fights do work up an appetite.

“He likes to eat snow.”

“What do you think, bud?”

While the Jimmy Johnsons and Jeff Gordan’s of the area tried to navigate the terrain, some decided to just relax.

Hours after Valentine’s Day, Stephen Boatman convinced his girlfriend Asia Wilson to take a walk

“Once in a lifetime deal here in Northeast, Louisiana. So why not walk around and take pictures.”

However, Asia’s boyfriend says a romantic stroll does not include ice pellets.

“I am a Louisiana guy who likes it hot, and I like to show some skin.”

The Friednman’s wanted to make this a memorable day for Lathan. They only had one problem. Where do you buy a sled in Louisiana?

“That was hard. We went to Walmart. We went searching everywhere. So we said let’s improvise with Tupperware.”

Lathan didn’t seem to mind. A few rough rides and stumbles should create lifetime memories.

“It was amazing to spend time with him, especially when you have to work all day.”

While the Friedman’s worked on a bunny hill, we stumbled on some girls who were anxious to try Monroe’s version of a black diamond slope.

“It is fun you try not to go to the lake or not hit a tree or a lake.”

After countless slips and plenty of screams, we are not sure who walked away as a gold medalist.

In all, it turned out to be a pretty doggone good day. NELA residents sinking their teeth into new adventures while showing off some new frozen exhibits.