Parkway Pharmacy shows how online vaccine registry works

Parkway pharmacy shows off new waitlist feature
Published: Jan. 29, 2021 at 8:03 PM CST
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STERLINGTON, La. (KNOE) -Local pharmacies are actively looking for ways to make sure that no COVID-19 vaccine goes to waste.

One north Louisiana pharmacy is getting vaccines to the people who need them and using Facebook to do it.

Parkway Pharmacy in Sterlington has gotten creative with the way they are getting covid vaccines to the public.

They went online to ensure that they are available to everyone who wants one.

It’s no surprise that COVID vaccines are hard to come by.

Adebola Shoyebi the Parkway Pharmacy Director wants to make sure they get vaccines into the arms of those that want them, so they took to Facebook. “We have a registration link that we refer to anybody who calls or inquires about it, so they go on they give their personal information, name, date of birth, and a good contact number,” said Shoyebi.

Parkway Pharmacy believes that during the pandemic, all resources must be put to use.

Jeff Tomms, the Region 8 Administrators for the Department of Health in Louisiana, agrees.

“We like to stress with each vaccination site, and they have all the protocols that you do try to strive to stay in priority one but before you would throw any away, you would find someone to vaccinate. You would find someone to give it to. You know you are only supposed to throw them out of they are no longer viable. You always want to find an arm to give it to” he said.

After the pharmacy has given all the vaccines to those who are eligible, they then contact patients on the waiting list.

“To our surprise, after we call them within five to ten or even 15 minutes, they are in that parking lot waiting to get their vaccine,” Shoyebi confidently.

That’s when the website comes into play. Shoyebi went on to say that it is her hope that the faster people can get vaccinated the healthier, and the safer people will be.  “The thing about is we haven’t had to waste a single vaccine what we thrive upon is keeping the convenience in the community if there is anybody we reach out to the patient or non-patient someone on the waiting list that is in need of it were going to reach out to them to see if they can come in that same day to receive the vaccine,” says Shoyebi. The Parkway Pharmacy recently received their second shipment of vaccinations and are looking to start another round of vaccinations as soon as possible.

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