Senior citzens confused about Covid vaccine distrubution

Published: Jan. 12, 2021 at 6:36 PM CST
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MONROE, La. (KNOE) -Senior citizens in our area are still seeking the answer to one question. Where is my vaccine? After facing frustration and confusion on Monday, the high-risk population is looking for assurance they will get what they need.

The feeling of confusion and frustration amongst the senior citizen population today is overwhelming.

People we heard from said the beginning of the process is already disheartening. Frustration looms, and confusion is met with silence. Many seniors searching for the Covid-19 vaccine were left with more questions than answers on Monday. “It made’s what I’ve been waiting for since…well, for a year now... I want a vaccine, and they said I could get it, but they don’t say where or how or where...urgh,” said Christie Cullier, a senior in Farmerville.

Senior citizens are not the only people who are concerned. David Joyner who lives in West Monroe said, “Nervous, scared…because the word hasn’t been properly put out to the public on a location; and the availability of the vaccine to that age group.

They are disappointed, they are confused, and they probably feel like they’ve been misinformed about what’s supposed to happen today.” A pharmacist at the Brookshires on North 18th Street in Monroe said the store is getting 100 doses Tuesday. The store already has three-hundred people currently on the waiting list.

Governor John Bel Edwards announced last week Northeast Louisiana should see about 88-hundred doses of the Moderna vaccine. “Getting a vaccine is the name of the game... if that’s what’s going to get this pandemic behind us,” said Cullier.

Some seniors admit they were expecting a bit of trouble but were not expecting anything like this.

“And it is not so much that I can’t get it today... I would have expected something like that.. a little delay, but my calling and trying to call... it was totally fruitless, and that is what is so disheartening and so discouraging. We’ve been waiting for a vaccine since the day this pandemic broke... it is finally here, and I can’t find it.. and that just.. just not good.. not good for me,” added Collier. Patients who arrive at a pharmacy without an appointment will not be vaccinated.

Do not arrive at a location without an appointment.

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