BBB warns after Christmas online shopping scams

Published: Dec. 31, 2020 at 3:18 PM CST
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MONROE, La. (KNOE) - The Better Business Bureau is warning of scams when shopping online after Christmas.

After-Christmas sales online sales are hard to ignore, but The Better Business Bureau says you should resist the urge if you haven’t thoroughly researched the site.

Online shopping has become the norm these days, but Jo-Ann Deal with the Better Business Bureau says even though it’s comfortable you shouldn’t be complacent.

“Take the name of the business, put BBB behind it first see if there’s a report and if there are any complaints we also encourage you to just put the word scam behind it,” explains Deal. She says it’s best to shop with businesses who have been around for a while.

The BBB’s recent warning stems from many people shopping online this time of year but also from a Northeast Louisiana resident who lost money buying hunting supplies online through an online store base in Houston.

“If it’s significantly discounted you can probably be sure that it’s too good to be true,” Deal says.

Often Deal says you can check the secretary of state’s website to see if the business actually exists or if it has any complaints. And try to use a credit card online, because you’ll have a better shot at getting your money back.

“And we encourage you to remember that our local businesses also have websites and great sales, please shop locally when at all possible, you can count on your refunds being there, you can verify the existence of a store but without having to go great distances,” explains Deal.

If you are scammed she says you can report it to your bank, the attorney general’s office for the state the business is headquartered in, or you can take the issue to small claims court.

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