Attorneys file lawsuit against LSP on behalf of man beaten by state trooper

Published: Dec. 12, 2020 at 9:01 PM CST
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MONROE, La. (KNOE) - An investigation into the Louisiana state police has been filed on behalf of Aaron Bowman, a black man allegedly beaten by 30-year-old State Trooper Jacob Brown in May of last year. The incident happened following a traffic stop by the SCAT (Special Crimes Apprehension Team).

Brown was recently taken into custody and charged with one count each of Aggravated Second Degree Battery and Malfeasance in Office. Bowman’s attorneys say this is but the first step in gaining true justice for Bowman and expect more arrests in the near future. Bowman’s attorneys, Donecia Banks-Miley, Esq. and Jessica Williams with the Pleasant, Williams & Banks-Miley Law Group say that’s not enough. “This is but the first step in gaining true justice for Bowman, and we expect more arrests in the near future.” The investigation only just started. It was conducted after the alleged victim Aaron Bowman filed a civil lawsuit in September, 16 months after the incident occurred. Now, his attorneys want Trooper Jacob Brown and others held accountable.

Aaron Bowman says he suffered multiple injuries during the traffic stop. Investigators say Brown allegedly hit Bowman 18-times in approximately 24 seconds. The incident happened following an attempted traffic stop by the SCAT in front of Bowman’s home. They also say the alleged victim was not aggressive towards deputies and officers.

“Mr. Bowman suffered stitches in his head was beaten, broken ribs, a fractured arm and not to mention the psychological damage he is suffering,” said Bowman’s attorney.

Newly released court documents detail the LSP investigation into Trooper Jacob Brown’s alleged involvement. Investigators say Brown arrived at the scene while the traffic stop was already in progress. At some point, investigators say Bowman was tackled to the ground.

The document states Brown then hit Bowman in the head and ribs with his flashlight, using it like a baton.

Officers who witnessed what happened told investigators they were not comfortable with Brown’s actions and yet nobody stepped in to stop the beating.

“So we named all of these other agencies so that we could further ya now hopefully get to the point where we can conduct discovery to find out who all was involved we only knew of that one officer but we know others were involved we just need to find out who they are,” said Williams.

The body camera video referenced in this report was almost deleted because investigators say Brown did not document the incident in any LSP reports, even though he did consider it a use of force incident.

Investigators say Brown also did not label the video so LSP did not review the footage. The reports states these actions show an intentional attempt to hide the video from any administrative review or investigation. Now all Bowman wants is for justice to be served. “Any bodycam footage of any officer that was there. We want the release of that. as soon as possible.” stated Brown. The investigation into the incident as well as the LSP is still ongoing.

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