Lincoln Library removes LGBTQ books from kids’ section

Published: Dec. 7, 2020 at 9:54 PM CST
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MONROE, La. (KNOE) -“As a librarian, it breaks my heart. It goes against every grain of my being to pull a book from the shelf for any reason,” librarian Vivian McCain said emotionally.

My Two Mommies and My Two Daddies are just a few titles of some of the books that were removed from the shelves at Lincoln Parish Public Library.

The books are still available to be checked out, they are just not displayed.

Lincoln Parish Library director Vivian McCain said the decision by the Lincoln Parish Library Board comes after parents disapproved of the books with the Lesbian, Gay, Bisexual, and Transgender (LGBTQ) content.

“They complained about the books being on our shelves. They felt that their children should not be allowed to see those books on our shelves,” said McCain.

McCain said those books, like all others, are vetted and approved before being placed on the shelves.

“There was nothing in there that was graphic or pornography. There was nothing of that nature in any of the books. They just had to do with LGBTQ families, and we have pretty stringent criteria for which we choose books for purchase, so that is the reason we pull them and that is the reason we pull them to make sure we meet that criteria and we did on these books,” McCain explained.

McCain said removing the books may be more harmful than helpful.

“And it puts a stigma on any child or person that has to come and say, ‘do you have this or where is it located?’ because sometimes they don’t want to have to come to the desk. It discriminates against that child by making them come and ask for it,” McCain said.

The board vetted the books again, and on Wednesday it is expected to recommend the books be placed back in their original location.

McCain said she is thrilled about the decision.

“As a public librarian, I serve every person that walks through that door. It doesn’t matter what they are. My job is to serve them and provide them with access to the materials they need and want,” said the longtime librarian.

The librarian of 36 years has a message to the community.

“Come back to the library. Just browse the shelves and you will find yourself in one of these books in the library,” said Vivian McCain.

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