Landlords struggling with “no evict” order currently order in place

Landlords everywhere are struggling to make ends meet due to tenants not paying rent
Published: Sep. 22, 2020 at 7:10 PM CDT
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MONROE, La. (KNOE) -As the pandemic continues to drag on, landlords say they’re left falling through the cracks. Authorities at the federal, state and local levels of government have re-enacted local regulations temporarily prohibiting a landlord from evicting a tenant .

The ruling was re-enacted in an attempt to alleviate the impact of business closures and job losses that have resulted from efforts to contain the novel coronavirus. However, some tenants are taking advantage of that new ruling.

Scooter Howell manages 140 units mostly in Monroe and West Monroe. After the pandemic hit in March he and other landlords like him were banned by federal orders to evict tenants even if they couldn’t pay their rent.

Now, Howell says he’s overextended himself by trying to meet his tenants halfway when it comes to making their rent payments.

He says some are taking advantage of the situation and using the pandemic or recent hurricane as excuses for not paying. Howell says some tenants are under the “if I don’t have to I won’t” mentality when it comes to using their stimulus money for rent. He briefly mentions seeing a tenant with a large flat screen tv box in their trash after just recently missing yet another rent payment.

Howell says people forget that landlords have bills to pay and families to feed as well. "These people that take advantage .. are just... It does hurt guys like us (landlords). There are tons of guys that are fully self-employed like me and we depend on this income… you know... we have these houses here that we need to get back on the road we need to get them back producing income for us.. This is how I live.. this is the only job I have is to keep houses up for other people. "

On September 1st the centers for disease control and prevention issued a new eviction ban. The prevents landlords from evicting certain tenants thru December 31 due to the pandemic.

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