Stories That Inspire: The Good and Uplifting in Northeast Louisiana

Stories That Inspire
Stories That Inspire(KNOE)
Published: Sep. 21, 2020 at 5:16 PM CDT
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MONROE, La. (KNOE) - With all that’s going on in the world, the important news of the day or the latest controversy can drown out some of the positive and more uplifting stories we report on at KNOE. If you miss these stories, you’re not just missing good news, you’re missing news that shows some of the best of the best in Northeast Louisiana. It’s news about people helping people or doing things that could motivate and inspire you to say, “If they can do it, why can’t I?”

KNOE reported on the following stories during roughly the first two weeks of September. We’ve collected them all here so you can see them again, or see them for the first time if missed them when they were originally published. Most of these stories are local, but we’ve thrown in a few from outside our area as well.

Click the headline to read more about a story that piques your interest. You just might find something to inspire you.

KNOE Stories That Inspire: September 2020 - Part 1/2
Save a Life:

After inhaling poisonous gas, Terry Minnieweather is alive today thanks to the quick thinking of his grandson, and the great care by the Acadian Air Med Team and St. Francis Medical Center.

READ: A Bastrop man survives after inhaling a powerful chemical, thanks, in part, to his grandson

Be the One Children Admire:

Do you have that one teacher that made a real difference when you were young? That one you just can’t forget. Lashonda Jones could be that teacher for a 5th grade class returning to school amid the COVID-19 pandemic.

READ: A Ouachita Parish teacher takes it up a notch and motivates her students with music

Create an Enduring Legacy:

Gone, but not forgotten. Despite not having closure after their mother’s disappearance, two women were inspired to help others so her legacy would live on.

READ: Daughters of a Lincoln Parish cold case victim launch a scholarship in their mother’s honor

Pay it Forward:

A boating accident left 8-year-old Carter Robertson with significant head and hand injuries in May. He survived, thanks in part to blood donations he received. That inspired his family to help raise much-needed blood donation with the hope they could save someone else’s life in the future.

READ: A Winnsboro family asks for blood donations after a ‘miracle’ recovery

Bring People Together:

A Monroe woman is working to bring the community closer together by helping to bridge the language gap between the hearing and the deaf. In a time when many lips are covered by masks, sign language can mean the difference between inclusiveness and loneliness for those who normally rely on reading lips.

READ: A ULM grad launches a virtual ASL learning program to connect the hearing and deaf communities

We’re Not Alone:

Goodwill and desire to help those in need still exist in our world, and such virtues were exhibited by hundreds of volunteers that came from outside the community to help Northeast Louisiana residents in the aftermath of a devastating storm. Click here to show your appreciation.

READ: Hundreds of volunteers from outside the area came to help Northeast Louisiana after Hurricane Laura

Compassion Comes from Near and Far:

The Food Bank of Northeast Louisiana received a huge gift after The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-Day Saints donated a truckload of nonperishable food items.

READ: The Food Bank of Northeast Louisiana gets a huge donation from a New York-based church

Aim High, Even When You Start Behind:

Between his parents' eviction and being born 8 weeks early, Marlon’s life got off to a rough start. With the help of our talented local medical professionals, he made it through the woods. Now thirteen, Marlon is aiming high in life while his parents continue to sing the praises of St. Francis.

READ: A Monroe teen who was born prematurely has his sights on becoming a pro-athlete

Don’t Let the Unexpected Hold You Back:

The coronavirus puts the halt to this year’s Boston Marathon. But one local resident refused to let her preparation go to waste and she ran up to 13 miles daily in order to achieve her goal. Give her some props by clicking here.

READ: A Winnfield runner competes in the Boston Marathon virtually

Even Kids Can Make a Difference:

Brantly couldn’t stand by while the community dealt with the aftermath of Hurricane Laura. When she saw that some children lost everything, she helped raise donations, including backpacks and supplies. Comment on this story on Facebook.

READ: A 9-year-old helps raise donations for storm-ravaged south Louisiana

Nearly 70 Hostages Saved:

This one isn’t local, but his daring rescue mission can’t go unmentioned. Sgt. Maj. Thomas “Patrick” Payne heard the call of duty while in high school on 9/11. Over a decade later, his decision to enlist saved the lives of dozens of hostages who were set to be executed by Islamic State militants in Iraq. You can read how it all happened here.

READ: A soldier is awarded the Medal of Honor after the heroic rescue of nearly 70 hostages

Holding Out for A Hundred:

COVID-19 can be deadly, especially for older folks, but one Texas woman refused to give up so close to the milestone of a lifetime!

READ: A 99-year-old COVID-19 patient is released from hospital days before her 100th birthday!

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