Parents juggle between working full-time and virtual learning

Published: Sep. 9, 2020 at 6:30 PM CDT
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RUSTON, La. (KNOE) - With virtual learning in full-swing, thousands of parents are figuring out how to juggle working full-time and helping their kids in the classroom.

For Ruston parent Jason Richardson, he’s seen his role switch from working full-time to becoming a primary educator to his son, Jason Jr.

“Education for him was more important than anything for us,” said Richardson.

Richardson owns charter bus company J&T Charters. Since the pandemic started work has been non-existent.

He and his wife have now switched places to make sure their family is taken care of and that their son gets an education.

“It went from her being at home to me out working, and now I’m at home and she’s out working. It’s like we’ve flipped roles if that makes sense.”

Jason Richardson, Jr. is a 1st grader at A.E. Phillips Laboratory School in Ruston.

Richardson’s old workspace was flipped into a classroom to make things as comfortable as possible. From their son’s point of view, he said it’s not too bad learning from home.

“Here at home it’s not like you’re going to stay at school for like all day 7 hours because if you get your work done real fast then you don’t have to stay for all that 7 hours,” said Richardson, Jr.

Richardson said it’s a challenge, but it is possible.

“It’s stressful of course. You go from working daily and now you’re back in a classroom teaching every day, but I must say it’s totally different,” said Richardson.

Jason Jr’s teacher Megan Hunt said the transition period has come with questions and concerns from parents, but she’s confident the Richardson’s and others can pull this off.

“Just being patient with each other and ourselves knowing that things are not the same but its ok. They’re going to end up in a good spot. We’re going to keep it moving,” said Hunt.

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