8 Investigates: MPD officer accused of excessive force was previously fired, reinstated in 2017

Published: Aug. 1, 2020 at 12:01 AM CDT
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MONROE, La. (KNOE) - Former Monroe Police officer Jared Desadier recently handed in his resignation, but this isn’t his first time he’s left the department.

MPD arrested Desadier on July 25, 2020. According to the arrest records, 42-year-old Jared P. Desadier is accused of malfeasance in office and second-degree battery.

Timothy Williams filed an excessive force complaint in June after he says several Monroe police officers kicked and punched him while under arrest.

KNOE obtained documents from the Monroe Civil Service Board that found Desadier was fired in 2017 for having THC in his system. THC is an active chemical found in marijuana.

According to minutes from Board meetings and court hearings, Desadier tested positive in 2017 after suffering an injury during a routine S.W.A.T. team exercise. At the time, he was a K-9 officer and member of the S.W.A.T. team.

According to documents, on February 1, 2017, members were doing “rake and break” exercises which is when an officer breaks a window to gain entry into a building. During this exercise, Desadier fell off a ladder into a window and cut two of his fingers. He had to get 13 stitches. As a part of MPD Policy, an officer must submit a urine sample for a drug test whenever they are injured on the job.

Documents outlined witness testimony from the city’s medical review officer who determined Desadier’s urine tested positive for THC. MPD has a no-tolerance policy for officers who test positive for illegal drugs. Any employee found in violation of the policy will be terminated.

Desadier was delivered a letter on May 9, 2017, informing him that he would be terminated effective May 12.

According to minutes from the Monroe Civil Service Board meeting on August 15, members said Desadier claimed to be using CBD and Hemp products to work and perform on the job without pain rather than using prescription pain medications.

According to witness testimonies in August 2017, Desadier admitted that he did some research on the products he was using and said he didn’t realize it would have THC levels that would cause a positive drug screening or THC that had “mind-altering effects”. According to minutes from the same Board meeting, officials stated that Desadier claimed he wouldn’t knowingly consume any illegal products.

Desadier’s termination was appealed to the Civil Service Board and two hearings were conducted. According to documents, one board member named Billy Wood was neighbors with Desadier and supported his character. He made a motion to reinstate Desadier with conditions. According to notes from the hearing, Wood made a motion to reinstate Desadier saying that “the punishment does not fit the crime.”

The Board voted 3-2 to reinstate Desadier with conditions, thus reversing the termination.

According to the Board’s legal counsel, Elmer Noah, it didn’t stop there.

“The board’s decision to reinstate Officer Desadier was appealed to the Fourth District Court by the City of Monroe.  The appeal was assigned to Judge Robert Johnson.  Oral argument was presented by all parties in the spring of 2019 and Judge Johnson entered a Judgment in July, 2019 upholding Officer Desadier’s termination.  That judgment was appealed by Officer Desadier to the Second Circuit Court of Appeal in Shreveport last fall.  That appeal was pending when he resigned several days ago.  His attorney, Mickey DuBos, has filed a motion with that court requesting that the appeal be dismissed.”

KNOE reached out to MPD to see if they would be interested in sharing a statement regarding Desadier’s firing and reinstatement; we were told nobody was available to comment on Friday, July 31.

KNOE also reached out to the Civil Service Board secretary for a comment from the board. She forwarded our request to the chairman and attorney; we have not received a response at the time of this writing.

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