Bastrop woman claims her toddler was discriminated against at daycare, police investigating

Published: Jul. 30, 2020 at 12:35 AM CDT
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UPDATE: The article has been updated to reflect the added statement from the Prep Center director. The original article stated at the time the article was published : “KNOE reached out to the Prep Center for a statement regarding the alleged incident and employment status of the teacher in question. They have not sent a statement at the time of this writing.”


BASTROP, La. (KNOE) - A Bastrop mother says that her child was discriminated against by a teacher at the daycare where she works.

LaSheka Davis has worked at the Prep Center in Bastrop for over a year. She said her two-year-old son has been going there since she started working there last year.

Up until recently, she described it as a pleasant experience. She said some of her colleagues confided in her that another teacher called her child a racial slur and isolated him from other students.

They told me that she had been calling him the N-word, treating him differently than the others, not allowing the kids to play with him,” Davis said.

She said that her colleagues claim that it had been going on for about two weeks.

Davis said she was heartbroken to hear the accusations and has since left the job. She said it’s made her re-evaluate the care of her child.

“I’ve trusted you, I’ve brought my child here for care to be around you. To hear that he was treated with no type of respect no type of dignity at all is sickening,” she said.

She and her mother Lauwanda sought legal help and went to the Bastrop Police Department. Lawaunda said that they want the woman charged with “cruelty to juveniles.”

“I don’t trust her to teach in any school, I don’t trust her to teach any kids - black or white,” Lauwanda said.

In addition, they submitted a written discrimination report to the U.S. Department of Education. Bastrop Police and the Prep Center confirmed the incident is under investigation.

Davis and her mother also said that the teacher was fired.

KNOE reached out to the Prep Center for a statement regarding the alleged incident and employment status of the teacher in question. The director Lois Jordan responded in statement that reads:

“The Prep Center has been in business 47 years. We at the Prep Center are inclusive of children of all races. We have and uphold a no-tolerance policy for racism of any kind. We strive to create a safe and happy learning environment for all children regardless of their race, religion, and/or disability. We have addressed the issues stated; however, we are not at liberty to discuss former employees or families. We understand we play a critical role in shaping children’s lives, and we will continue that role for many years to come.”

Davis and her mother said that the Louisiana Department of Education is also involved and investigating the accused woman’s teacher’s license.

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