Walmart tests ‘cashier-free’ store in Arkansas

Published: Jun. 22, 2020 at 6:31 PM CDT
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FAYETTEVILLE, Ark. (Gray News) – Walmart customers in Arkansas are getting a look at possible future changes for the retail giant.

The frontend of the store has been redesigned in hopes of making checkout faster.

Some industry watchers have dubbed it a “cashier-free store” or “self-checkout only,” but Kory Lundberg with Walmart said that’s oversimplifying the changes.

“Rather than having one cashier assigned to a single cash register, we will have multiple checkout hosts assigned to the checkout area to move back and forth to different registers to assist customers as they want to be assisted,” Lundberg said.

The new system being tested spreads the wealth around.

“Instead of having 10 cashiers run 10 registers for their shift, we have can 10 self-checkout hosts covering multiple checkouts as needed,” according to Lundberg.

“So now we can have more than 10 registers open for customers and those who want to be checked out by an associate, can and those who want to check themselves out, also have that option.”

The Walmart endgame is ambitious. The retailer wants to eliminate lines altogether.

Designers will be monitoring checkout times at the Fayetteville store. And if they like what they see, the new checkout system could be rolled out to other locations around the country.

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