SQ's closes its doors leaving customers wanting refunds for gift cards

SQ's on the Ouachita closed its doors without any warning and left some people with hundreds of dollars in gift cards and deposits out in the cold.

A new farm bill could have big impact on Louisiana's agriculture

Congress is trying to come up with a new farm bill before the current one expires in September and it could have a significant impact on a lot of people in the bayou state.

Teens involved in the death of Hunter Adams sentenced

Four teens will be in custody until they're 21-years-old, which is the maximum time served for juveniles.

ew technology in the Twin Cities helping with mental health symptoms

A new technology system made to help with mental health symptoms is now in the Twin Cities. The non-profit agency, Ascent, says it helps clients become aware of their body and mind, helping them control it.

Golden Apple Teacher of the Week: Reba Daniel

Reba Daniel, a teacher at Ruston High School is this week's Hixson Ford Golden Apple Teacher of the Week.

Twin Cities coping with the cold

The cold weather has some folks in our area switching things up a bit. While some are enjoying it bundled up inside, other people are making the most of this cold.


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