String of burglaries in North Monroe has residents feeling unsafe

Residents from North Monroe shared their safety concerns with law enforcement at a neighborhood watch meeting on Wednesday night. The meeting comes after a string of recent burglaries in the area.

Morning Recap: Bonekrusher Boxing Program

Morning Recap: Bonekrusher Boxing Program

SCHOOL CRIBS: St. Frederick

In our new series School Cribs, we're taking a look at some of the awesome, creative and innovative classrooms around the area.

Sheriff: Mass check-out at Franklin Parish High School caused by rumors

Officials say the threat turned out to be a prank, but the prankster still will face consequences.

SCHOOL CRIBS: West Monroe High School

School Cribs series showcases innovative, creative and just plain awesome classes in the area.

National Future Farmers of America event

Learning to do, doing to learn, earning to live, living to serve

AMR: Your address numbers can save your life

They say to make your house number is plainly visible so that can respond to emergencies and a timely manner.


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