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Dangers of a Hot Car

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 MONROE, La. (KNOE 8 News) - Even with the windows cracked or parked in the shade, a parked car can turn dangerous very quickly.

With recent headlines of children dying in hot vehicles, either because the parent forgot them or the child wandered into the car and became trapped, many are talking about the dangers associated with hot vehicles. KNOE reporter Jillian Corder set out Monday to test a vehicle in a parking lot, to see just how hot it got.

The vehicle, with little tint on the windows, was parked in about 93 degree weather in Monroe. Outside the weather was bearable, but inside the car, not so much.

Temperatures skyrocketed when we put a thermometer on the driver's seat. It quickly went from 100 to 115 degrees.

That's when Monroe Police Officer and trained medic Mark Johnson and our reporter got inside the vehicle for a quick interview.

Immediately the two found themselves drenched as their bodies became to compensate for the high temperatures inside the car.

Johnson says for children, the symptoms of hyperthermia and heat stroke can be more intense and are felt much quicker than in an adult. Children have more surface area compared to their body mass, meaning more heat is absorbed. That along with a limited ability to perspire, high temperatures can be fatal.

 Johnson says Monroe Police respond to an average of two hot car calls a week, and dozens more cases of pets being left in vehicles.

Our cameras inside the car shut off when temperatures reached 120 degrees, but the car continued to become an oven, reaching 140 degrees.

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