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Poll shows McAllister, Riser lead in 5th District race

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MONROE, La. (KNOE 8 News) – Recent poll numbers for the 5th Congressional District race show current U.S. Representative Vance McAllister in the lead.

Two polls were conducted, both by the Glascock Group on the request of an unnamed group of lobbyist from Baton Rouge.

Both polls questioned over 600 people about the upcoming election, potential candidates, and what characteristics they're looking for in a representative.

We ran two polls on the 5th Congressional District. One poll listed McAllister as a Democrat, the other left him as a Republican,” says Darrell Glascock.

Rumors of a party switch led to McAllister being listed under two different parties in the polls, otherwise the polls were the same.

I believe in pro-life, I believe in a strong military, in a smaller government, I believe in a free enterprise system,” says McAllister defending his party affiliation, “Those are all core values of the Republican party... and I'll always be a Republican."

Overall, McAllister has hard support of 25 to 30% and a hard negative of 30%. Riser has hard support of 25 to 30% and a hard negative of 25%.

Dr. Ralph Abraham of Mangham has risen to 14% in a very short period of time without any paid media,” says Glascock.

Monroe Mayor Jamie Mayo is consistent at around 14%.

Other potential candidates - Robert Johnson, Ed Tarpley, Harris Brown, and Clay Grant – have less than 10% each.

The poll also asked participants to chose between McAllister and Riser in the scenario of a runoff election. In both polls McAllister falls to Riser.

Voters in the district see Moral Character as the most important thing they look at in selecting a candidate,” says Glascock.

Many political analyst believe the “Kissing Congressman” scandal could make or break McAllister's political career. McAllister says he thinks these poll results show the scandal is over and done with.

It's awful flattering to know that we live in a society, a district, where people can forgive,” says Rep. Vance McAllister, “And know that as long as you do the job, and do it right, that's what counts."

The following are some of Glascock's other findings from the polls:

In terms of what the voters want a Congressman to do for them, returning power and control back to the States and a return to Christian Values in Congress are the overwhelming choice of 70% of the voters.

in the U S Senate Race a runoff is indicated. If the State as a whole leans the same way as the district, a runoff will be required in the Senate Race and that would mean that you would have a real push from the Democrats to turn out their voters. Should this happen, it will help McAllister in a runoff situation.

If no democrat runs (Mayo and Johnson stay out) McAllister could go into the run off with 40% or better.”

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