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Termites Dining in West Monroe

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West Monroe, La. (KNOE 8 News) -Lilly Richards owns a two story home in West Monroe, it's been standing strong since 1965.

She wasn't expecting any guests, but a hungry colony of termites welcomed themselves in and started eating away at it's foundation.

She said she sprayed for termites but doing it over and over cost a lot of money.  She's even bought insecticides and try to do it herself hoping that it would save a couple of dollars.

But that didn't save her home, Richards says she has had the side of her home renovated and she is still trying to get it back to normal.

She says without money to get rid of  the termites, it's becoming to be a problem.
"I'm unemployed now so I can't afford to get the termite exterminator to come out and do it...I do it myself" said Richards.

 Richards house is made of pine, one of the formosan termites favorite, after speaking with Smiths Exterminating, he says the sun dries out the oil in wood, making it easier for termites to eat through people's home.

Saterfield says once treatment is applied, a virus can poison one termite and kill them all.

"If I've been in the chemical...it doesn't kill me right away...it takes a little while...but every termite that I get in contact with in the family or colony...they will die...and I don't have to get in the poison" said Saterfield.

Richards wants them gone, she says she hopes after the mating season, her house will once again be hers.

Follow this link here if you would like to know if your house is termite infested http://www.manta.com/c/mmdgqcc/smith-exterminating-compn or visit the Smiths Exterminating Co. in West Monroe.
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