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You've Been HACKED

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RUSTON, La. (KNOE 8 News) -We live in a virtual world.  Within our cyber storm lie culprits lurking to steal personal information.

Friday teams of Louisiana Tech students played a virtual game called "Hacked", which was used to train air force cadets. 

Some students were hackers, others tried to keep the hackers from winning.

"You learn a lot from it, as a result you learn about how to keep your own system secure here kind of translates into the real world where making sure everything you have and have access to is secure" said Ricky Waller, LA Tech student.

Hacked has never made it to the market place for obvious reasons, however Computer Science professor Jean Gourd said the best defense is knowing the hacker's tricks.

"we teach folks how to hack, so to speak and how to do that is by attacks, because if they know how to do that, and if they take it outside this protective space that we make at the competition and on campus, then in the real world, we have consequences to what we're all about"said Gourd.

 Teams hacked fictitious banks, email accounts, and social media sites all for fun.  Gourd said you have to really be careful who you give personal information to. 

This competition taught students how to be aware of  suspicious online activities.

"Hey look, check this video out, you're going to trust me, I'm your friend, I'm your dad, I'm your mom, you're going to click on the attachment without even thinking about it, and I got you"said Gourd.

There were no losers today, students learned in our cyber world, danger lurks everywhere and with every click of the mouse.
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