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From Livestock Auction to Grocery Store

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WEST MONROE, La. (KNOE 8 News) - With residential and retail businesses popping up around it, the writing seemed to be on the wall for West Monroe's livestock auction to move on. What will be replacing the barn and its 42,000 square feet along Cypress Street? One of those four grocery stores we've been telling you about. The lot between Henderson Road and Vernon Road in West Monroe will be transformed from the home of a livestock auction to a grocery store.

Store developer - Polestar L.L.C - will appear before the Monroe City Council Tuesday to seek liquor license approval for two new grocery stores we've told you about in Monroe. A D.E.Q. permit also lists Tennessee-based Polestar as the developer of the West Monroe store. Not surprisingly, Polestar specializes in building Walmart stores. Before Polestar can build here, it will have to deal with wetlands that run through the middle of the property, and may be forced to alter plans for the site.

We asked what nearby business owners think. Anthony Littleberry - General Manager of BBQ West - says "I don't think it will affect our local business at all, we've been here about 10 or 12 years, but I do think it will go along way in bringing some new opportunities around here". Since Littleberry doesn't get his cooking supplies from local grocery stores, having a new store close by won't mean extra savings for his restaurant.

"We get most of our stuff from food trucks like Rineharts or Cisco, and places of that nature." says Littleberry.

However, Littleberry is hoping for the business from the hungry customers that just finished grabbing the items on their grocery list.

"a lot of the stuff they pick up at the supermarket they're planning to take home, so they might be tempted to stop off and bring something home that's already prepared."

The wetland issue at the Cypress Street site is not expected to impede Polestar from building the store. The most issue it will cause is the final location of the store's building site.

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