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Zoning issues on Louisville Avenue, changes to come

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MONROE, La. (KNOE 8 News) - Major updates were made to Monroe Zoning Ordinance last fall, and though that may not mean much to some, but to business owners on Louisville Avenue it's their livelihood.

"The biggest question for a lot of us, the biggest observation was, if this goes through like it's being describe to us, it could definitely have a big impact on the value of our property," says Doyle 
of Enoch's.

Part of those zoning changes were on Louisville and some of the blocks on either side. Changing it from a "general business/commercial district" known as B-3 to a "neighborhood mixed-use area" or B-1.

This means major changes for some business owners.

"Use restrictions and time restrictions that are imposed upon people need to be aware of that with the changes in zoning," says Councilman Ray Armstrong.

Changes like no new bars, gas stations, or even restaurants. Also, it would create limitations to current businesses.

It was a shock to owners like Jeter, who found out 5 months later that Enoch's Pub had been re-zoned.

"We heard about it through the grapevine, about a week ago."

The change means his property value would drop, and if the grandfather clause wasn't upheld, he may not be able to make renovations, or expand the bar and restaurant.

"If you change the use of a property through zoning then people clearly need to understand the implication of those changes," says Armstrong.

Armstrong was the only vote against the zoning ordinance when it passed in November. As more business owners realized what the change meant, they raised their concerns wanted the city to re-address the issue.

Now, Planning and Zoning Director Joanne Poret is responding. She called it an oversight and told KNOE that the zoning will be changing in the downtown louisville area. The main drag will go back to B-3, while the blocks north and south of Louisville will be considered a neighborhood business district, B-2.

"I think we will probably just accept that, calling it an 'oversight' but we will be at the council hearing and the zoning hearing, to make sure it does get changed," says Jeter.
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