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Land, Hilton speak out in McAllister scandal, but not Gordon

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MONROE, La. (KNOE 8 News) - We're getting our first look at the woman accused of leaking the video of the congressman kissing one of his staffers.

And we tried to get her statement as the evidence continues to pile up against her. We stopped by her home, and no one was there. We went by her work, and we were told twice, she was not there.

However, we did speak with Bill Land and Lance Hilton, the other two people who have access to the video surveillance room.

"We want to clear our name. I own the building and the security system has been installed for a long time. And we are not involved in any way with the incident that has happened," Bill Land said.

Land said after Gabriel Gifford was shot, Washington pushed to have more security in district offices.

He said they installed an alarm system, but after the building was broken into, they added the video surveillance system.

Land said McAllister's office manager, Leah Gordon, began asking for the code around December of last year, when the video taken. 

He said he has access to the room, but doesn't know the code to get the video.

"The office manager would come over periodically and ask for the code, or access to the room, where the DVR was stored and then we would provide it to her. So they have access to the office. And we inquired on one occasion why they need to go look at the DVR, and they said they suspected theft," Land said.

Hilton helped install the system. And he said he and Gordon are the only two who know the code.

"It's kind of offending that they would imply I had anything to do with it. I had nothing at all to do with it. In fact, when we found out about this, we anted up quickly saying we would take a lie detector, a polygraph, whatever we could do to get to the bottom of it. We had no part of it," Hilton said.   

Both Land and Hilton said they just want to clear their names, especially since McAllister is no longer seeking the Federal Bureau of Investigation's help.

McAllister's chief of staff, Adam Terry, says Gordon is still a fully functioning employee with the McAllister camp.  He also said no one has admitted to leaking the video or having involvement with the leaked video.

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