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St. Francis honors organ donors

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MONROE, La. (KNOE 8 News)- Right now tens of thousands of Americans are waiting for an organ transplant.

The Wall of Hero's atMonroe's St. Francis Medical Center remembers those who donated their organs, savingothers' lives. And on Tuesday, the wall was blessed and dedicated.

It was pretty emotional asfamily members gathered to remember their loved ones who died and donated theirorgans, so someone else could live.  Manyof those family members were crying when they were asked to come forward whentheir loved one's name was called.

Debbie Anding's son Stefandied in a car accident when he was just 16-years old. 

"We are really proud of this because he always knew he wanted to bean organ donor. We were not expecting an accident, but he knew if somethingwould happen, he wanted to be an organ donor," Anding said.

Stefan died in 2008 andAnding said it's still too hard to find out who all he helped. But she said, sheglad her son's memory lives on.

Sharon Glover lost herson, Michael, in 2011. He was only 23-year old.  She said his organs helped three men who alsohave children.

"He had always wantedto be an organ donor. So when he died we were able to honor that wish,"Glover said.

Ashley Davis with theLouisiana Organ Procurement Agency said donors are always needed.

"You never know howyou will be affected by donation, whether it is on the donor side or recipientside," Davis said.

 Anding and Glover said they are both organdonors, and so are the other members of their families.

"There is somethingto be used. You may not think your body is useful but they do graphs, they dobones. So there is something, whether you think it or not," Anding said.

Approximately 120,000 peoplein the nation are waiting on an organ and about 1,800 of them are in Louisiana.

For more information on organ donation go to the Louisiana Organ Procurement Agency's web site at

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