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Hadley Bridge closed

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OUACHITA PARISH, La. (KNOE 8 News) - The Hadley Bridge located near Lowes in Ouachita Parish off of Highway 165 South in Monroe is under construction. Our Nolan Crane shows us why rotted wood is to blame and the time frame for when the bridge will reopen.

DOTD has conducted several surveys on all of the bridges here in Ouachita Parish. Right here behind me is the Hadley Bridge and they found that nine of the beams or piles is what they are really called, are rotted because of the river that kind of runs through. As a result commuters are going to have to make changes to their daily routines as construction crews get ready to repair the bridge.

"You see I do a little bit of painting and when I have to go to Lowes I have to go all the way around because I can't go straight down and that's time consuming," said Brian Piper.

"It takes a little extra time but the benefit in the long run will be positive improvement. You have to take the highway to get to the other side of town to get to Lowes. You can't take the short cuts any more but I think it's still a great, great thing for the South side," said Rose Powell.

These barricades are expected to remain in the middle of Hadley Street causing detours for commuters for 60 days. Construction crews will only be making repairs to the bridge so the process should go a lot faster than re-building the bridge. Regardless of the time frame people who travel on these roads are excited to see some activity because it's a sign that they are not forgotten.

"Huge opportunity for the town to show that they are willing to invest money back into the South side," said Powell.

"The director of public works in Ouachita Parish says he doesn't know how much this project is actually going to cost, but he says the money has already been allocated. He hopes to have the project done very soon so commuters don't have to change all of their plans for very much longer.

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