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Arkansas Road will become five lanes with roundabouts

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WEST MONROE, La. (KNOE 8News) - If you travel down Arkansas Road, you probably know how congested itcan become, especially in the morning.

But the state is makingplans to change that by making the road five lanes and adding four roundabouts.They'll be added to Warren Drive, Kiroli Road, Forty Oaks Farm Road and Good HopeRoad. 

On Tuesday, the state released the scheduledfor the project, which should begin this fall. 

But Faisal and Jada Ali, who own threebusinesses on the corner of Forty Oaks Farm and Arkansas Roads, said they haveyet to be approached by a state representative. Their businesses are located onone of the intersections that is supposed to turn into a roundabout.

"Overall I would say it has created alot of anxiety, as business owners not knowing what the future holds. It'screated some panic amongst our employees, still like I said not knowing," Jadasaid.

Lazenby and Associates is the engineeringfirm responsible for the project.

"It's going to be a five lane sectionthat will run from La.143 to about Caldwell Road," Paul Fryer with Lazenby andAssociates said.

Another business owner on Arkansas Road saidhe has been approached and said he's spent $4,000 dollars fighting the process.

"They want to come in andthey want to offer you a profit. But they want to come to front door steps andthe offers they are offering just ain't there," Keith Brister said.

Brister said after he sentthe state his appraised amount, they no longer wanted his property.  

But fryer said there is areason the Alis have not been approached.

"This project got stopped andthen the roundabouts were added so any people who were in the area of those roundabouts,their right away acquisition was put on hold," Fryer said. 

The Alis said theroundabout will consume the entire corner where they are located. They say assoon as the state contacts them, they will start looking at their options.

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