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Ferriday will get a new water system

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FERRIDAY, La. (KNOE 8News) - If you live in the town of Ferriday, you'll be glad to hear this. Thetown just signed loan papers with the USDA to upgrade the water system. It'sreceiving a $5.2 million grant and $1.6 million loan from the government agencyto create a new water source, which will fix the problems.

Shirley Cliburn has livedin Ferriday for most of her life and she owns two businesses in this small town.She said for the past year, the water hasn't been so bad. But before, the waterand her clothes turned brown often.

"I have ruinedcountless number of clothes," Cliburn said.  

Cliburn said even thoughit's been clear for a while, she still won't drink it. And Ferriday's MayorGene

"Currently we are gettingwater from the Old River and it is very inconsistent. And when the water is lowwe are drawing from the bottom of the well and we have to treat it," Allensaid.

The entire project willconsist of three phases. Phase one will put new meters in all over town. Thesecond phase will be to drill new wells and the third phase will be toconstruct a new water facility treatment plant.

"By the end of 2015, weshould have good water pumping all over our city," Allen said.

 To pay for the loan, the town increased thewater rates by $12 a month, something Cliburn said she was more than willing topay.

And she said she willstart drinking the water, once the system is complete

 The first phase is scheduled to start nextweek and Mayor Allen says the entire project will take about a year and half tocomplete.

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