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Eleven-year-old competes with the adults in Warhawk Triathlon.

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MONROE, La. (KNOE 8 News)- More than 200 adult athletes and around 60 kids met at ULM this morning tocompete in the annual Warhawk Triathlon.

Participants Swam 400meters at the natatorium, biked 11-miles in the college and Lakeshore area, thenran 3 miles through the campus.

The proceeds were splitbetween Louisiana Med Camp and the student kinesiology association.

And Race Director Lisa Colvin said more than 1,500people showed up to cheer on their favorite athlete.

This year's theme was Duck Dynasty and thedirector said that's all thanks to 11-year-old Sarah Fry of Baton Rouge.  Sarah wrote A&E and wasdetermined to meet one of the Robertson's. Yesterday she got to meet Willie atthe warehouse. .

But Sarah's visit to Monroe wasn't just aboutducks; it was about the finish line.

Weighing not even 65 pounds, Sarah was theyoungest person to compete in the adult division of the  Warhawk Triathlon. Her unofficial time is onehour and twenty minutes.

"I like to do it for fun and sometimes,just kind of win," Sarah said.  

One of Sarah's biggestrivals is her dad, Matt Fry. He competed in the race and Sarah beat him. Sheactually does that quite often.

"Oh I do not let herwin. She beats me fair and square. She puts in a lot of effort. She is good atwhat she does. We like to encourage and develop that talent and it's fun towatch," Matt said,   

The Fry's live in Baton Rougeand travel all over to compete in triathlons. They said it's something wholesome,fun and healthy for the entire family.

We also usually turn itinto a little bit of a history lesson. Whatever town we are going to, we willtry to stop and do something historical along the way. So even though we areusually pulling the kids out of school on a Friday we try to make up for itwith something educational," Matt said.    

Sarah said she wants tobecome an Olympian. And her mom Lori said the family will support her as longas she wants to continue racing.

"She doesn't realizeshe is training. We keep it as fun as possible. The day she says it's not funis the day she stops racing," Lori said.   

This is the second time Sarahhas competed in an adult division. But she says the only adult she really wantsto beat, is her dad.

Next month, Sarah and family will travel to Oxford, Miss.,for another adult triathlon.  

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