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All American Man part two

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MONROE, La. (KNOE 8 News) - When Greg Gulyas goes shopping the price and brands are not the only tags that matter.

"Hand crafted in the USA....made in the USA," said Gulyas.

Greg shops at Antique Alley because he doesn't like scavenger hunts.

"If you look hard enough you're going to find the made in America label but it takes a little extra effort to do it," said Gulyas.

Several stores make life easy for him because they only sell items made in America and Greg says the prices cannot be beat.

"I like the vintage American stuff that was once made here in the USA. You can pick it up and basically the prices that you pay down there for the vintage items are what you'd pay retail for many items that are brand new that are made overseas," said Gulyas.

Transforming his house into a tribute of old Americana with posters and antique toys is easier for Greg then picking out a pair of shoes.

"Unfortunately I have to do all of my clothes shopping online because I have yet to find made in America products at a major retailer," said Gulyas.

When Greg surfs the web there are also big companies that he avoids.

"I'm not going to support a company, I don't care about the quality Under Armour makes. I don't care about Nike. If they can't make it here in the USA I'm not going to buy it," said Gulyas.

Although some shirts look patriotic Greg says you have to look beyond the symbols.

"Unfortunately even though they have the American flag on them, they've got the five Olympic rings on them, all those shirts by Nike by Under Armour they're all made outside the friendly confines of the USA," said Gulyas.

Greg bought some new shoes and a shirt all made in America. He says it was cheaper than items made overseas.

"30 bucks and it's imported. You know where Nike makes their stuff. This other shirt is made in the USA and its $29.99 basically a penny cheaper," said Gulyas.

Shopping takes Greg a little bit longer than most men, but he says a couple minutes of his time is worth it if it will encourage businesses to stop outsourcing jobs.

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