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Update: Army Warrant Officer accused of filing false report

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UPDATE: Derrick Menyweather tells KNOE 8 News that Warrant Officer Shannon Johnson has been arrested and charged with filing a false report.

During a news conference Wednesday, Monroe Police say Johnson made up the story and that officers acted within the law during the incident. Johnson is now charged with filing a false report, filing a false report on an officer, interfering with a police investigation and battery of a police officer.

Our Mark Boyle is working on the story and will have an update here and during KNOE 8 News this afternoon.

Previous Story:

MONROE, La. (KNOE 8 News) - An Army Warrant Officer visiting Monroe has filed a formal complaint against the Monroe Police Department after an incident left her with a broken leg.

Shannon Johnson told KNOE 8 News that on Friday, February 21, Monroe Police pulled over Johnson's fiance, Derrick Menyweather, on the corner of Renwick Drive and Martin Luther King. Johnson said that Menyweather had called her to bring her proof of insurance to him at the intersection.

The couple did not keep that identification in the vehicle because of previous attempted theft of his vehicle.  

When Johnson arrived on the scene she says police told her to stay away.  Menyweather told Johnson to go into the Beauty Supply Store and wait for him.

What happened next could put Johnson's military career in jeopardy.  Johnson says a female officer chased her.  After questioning what the officer was doing, Johnson was taken down to the ground.  The other male police officer came over to assist.  Johnson says the male officer dropped down and broke her upper leg.

According to an arrest affidavit obtained by KNOE 8 News, Monroe Police Officers at the scene say Johnson was told to stay back from the traffic incident twice.  Officials also say Johnson began to walk away from the incident.  A Monroe Police Officer says they went to apprehend Johnson, and "she began to swing around at the officer and started scratching." The unidentified officer says he/she was scratched above the right eye.

The affidavit says "Johnson complained of her knee hurting. She was transported to University Hospital, and then booked into OCC."  There is no mention in the incident report that refers to Johnson's leg being broken.

Johnson was booked on interfering with a law officer investigation and battery on a police officer charges.  She has since bonded out.

Johnson says she is 5 years away from being able to retire with full military benefits and serves as a Military Police Officer in the U.S. Army.  She and her fiance were visiting Monroe to see her mother, who is a cancer patient.

Johnson filed her complaint Tuesday morning at the Public Safety Center in Monroe.  KNOE 8 News was there.  Johnson clearly has a cast from her feet to her buttocks.  She says she has a follow up visit with a doctor on Thursday.

Monroe's Police Chief Quentin Holmes told KNOE 8 News he had no comment at the time of the complaint and that the situation is under investigation.

This is a story we believe "You should KNOE," and our Mark Boyle is investigating the case along with Monroe Police.

Read the account from Shannon Johnson sent exclusively to KNOE 8 News:

"My fiance was pulled over by a white male officer, I am not sure what his name is for what the police officer said was failure to signal a turn. My fiance could not find his license, so he called me thinking that I would have to come and drive the car back to the house.

When I arrived at the Beauty Supply Store on the corner of Renwick and Martin Luther King Jr., I walked towards the car, simply because he had called, I was unaware of anything else that was going on. As I was walking towards the car the white male police officer began to yell "Don't come over here." I stopped about 30 feet away and stated that I would not come over there. My fiance yelled for me to go into the store and wait.

There was a black female officer that was standing there. As I turned to walk back towards the store, my cousin who had drove me to the store and my fiance who was standing with the police began to scream my name. Which I found out was because the female officer had began to run behind me.

By the time I turned to look over my shoulder to see why they were yelling, she was already behind me with her arms stretched out to grab my jacket. As I stated in my Facebook post I have been reading and hearing about all the people that have been hurt and killed by the police officers here, so I was afraid that she was attempting to hurt me. Never did she acknowledge herself or ask me to stop, put my hands behind my back or any words for that matter. I turned to her and asked her what was going on and to please not put her hands on me because I had done nothing wrong.

She still never said a word and proceeded to grab for me, and I reacted by stepping back and trying to keep her from slinging me on the ground. She finally stated "get on the ground," which I did. and as she was placing the handcuffs on me the male officer came out of nowhere and dropped down on my leg and broke it. He then proceeded to tell me to stand up. I told him that I thought my leg was broke and his exact words were "Shut the {expletive} up I don't care... get the {expletive} up and walk."

Of course I could not walk because my leg was broken. So he proceeded to drag me across the parking lot and threw me in the back seat of the car. When the female officer came over to the car, I told her who I was and that I was Warrant Officer in the United States Army and that they had broken my leg. She immediately left the car to tell him what I had said.

They eventually took me to E.A. Conway hospital where the male officer that had broken my leg came and proceeded to take my handcuffs off, in his words "to make me more comfortable." He then pushed me in my wheel char to a remote spot in the hospital away from everyone and tried to talk to me about what had happened, and to try and smooth things out.

I later found out that a witness that was a patron of the store had call 911 on my behalf, and stated they witnessed the officer dragging me across the parking lot. Because of this call the Captain of the police unit was called to the scene. He spoke with my sister, but never came to speak with me.

I was arrested and taken to OCC where I bonded out. I have an appointment at 0900 tomorrow morning to file a formal complaint against both officers. I am completed humiliated by this event.

I have a 3-year-old daughter that I can not take care of right now because I have a cast from my feel to my buttocks. I am definitely willing to state my story on camera because I am so hurt and shocked by all of this."

Shannon N. Johnson
4-1 AD Accountable Officer

KNOE 8 News has asked for the car dash camera footage, the sound from the officers that was recorded at the scene, as well as, the 911 tapes from witnesses.  We are awaiting those materials from the police department.

See our special report Tuesday at 10:00 PM, and a follow-up report about the Monroe Police Excessive Force Policy on Wednesday at 10:00 PM.

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