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The All American Man

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MONROE, La. (KNOE 8 News) - Every day thousands of people hear the voice of Greg Gulyas on the radio. Although he is rarely seen, like all of us he cares about his appearance and the clothes that he wears. He has his favorite brands but there is one tag he makes sure he sees before he buys anything.

"Made in the USA, made in the USA," said Gulyas.

His shoes, hats, shirts, coats and everything from head to toe shows his patriotism.

"Even my socks are made in America," said Gulyas.

Although Greg served our country in the Army, he says his love for made in America products is the result of the economy and watching millions of jobs get outsourced.

"1970's early 80's the USA had about 20 million manufacturing jobs now we have basically just a little bit over ten million," said Gulyas.

Every room in Greg's house is filled with items that he hopes will help bring some of those jobs back. Greg knows that not everyone will fill their house with items with the red, white and blue. He hopes we will start looking at the tags that really matter, before the brand name.

"Most people go to the store and what do you do? You buy something; you don't even think twice hey where is this made? Is it made in the USA? Is it made in China, which chances are many products are? Is it made maybe if you're buying a t-shirt made in Honduras or El Salvador? So I decided you know what, I'm spending too much money on foreign made products. I want to spend my money specifically on good ol made in America items, whether it is t-shirts, socks, fiesta wear for the kitchen, whatever. I want it to be made in America," said Gulyas.

Greg might work behind the scenes but he's trying to be out in front to help our nation's economy.

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