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BUSTED: Drugs in Ouachita Parish

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OUACHITA PARISH, La. (KNOE 8 News)-Drug dealers are being taken off the streets of Ouachita Parish.

Ecstasy, marijuana, and meth these are just some of the drugs found in the parish putting the users and dealers in cuffs.

"Probably 90 or 95 percent of all crime in the parish is drug related in some form or fashion. If its not the actual person selling the drugs it the person using the drugs. They are going out and breaking into your house to steal the TV to buy that next fix" says Captain Bob Morris.

In the month of January the Special Crimes Apprehension Team arrested 145 people and the majority were on drug related charges.

Often the team can find drugs on something as simple as a traffic stop.

"It happens more often than not" says Corporal Cody Custer.

When they do stop a car they seem to find two types of drugs here in Ouachita Parish.

"On a traffic stop we normally find marijuana and meth have picked up tremendously over the last few years its common that we see some type of paraphernalia or something that has to do with meth on just about every traffic stop" says Lieutenant David Crain.

Something as simple as a traffic stop can unfold a larger investigation.

"If we get a call that there is street level narcotics being sold in that area we will saturate that area" says Morris.

Sometimes they will use those found in the traffic stop to lead them to another user or supplier which could lead to a search warrant.

"We do it when we have information that leads us to believe that there is a quantity of illegal drugs or illegal weapons that are inside that residents" says Sergeant Matt Hill.

But when it comes to taking drugs off of the streets, it can turn into a waiting game.

Whether it is waiting on the location of the deal or an informant to set up the deal.

"Its hurry up and wait it seems like a deal is going to go down or it is going to happen right then. Its just something about drug dealers they have their own time frame" says Captain Morris.

But no matter what the time frame the team is there waiting to make the bust.

They are taking the drugs off the streets of Ouachita Parish and leaving those caught busted.




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