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Powerball jackpot is at $400 million

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MONROE, La. (KNOE 8 News) – Wednesdays Powerball jackpot is the fourth largest in history with $400 million up for grabs. There hasn't been a winner since December, but as our Nolan Crane reports people in the Ark-La-Miss say lady luck is on their side.

Kenneth Baker took a break from his routine this morning and he found himself standing in line for a chance to change his life.

"When the Powerball gets up to a certain level that's when I buy it because you never know. You might be lucky or you might just be a winner," said Baker.

There is a one in $175 million chance of winning for people who pick their numbers and pay $2 for a ticket. Despite the odds some people are optimistic about their chances.

"I do the lottery every day, sometimes I win, sometimes I lose. You can't win if you don't play," said Benny Barkley.

"You might be lucky, might not. It might be your night," said Baker.

Convenience store owners who sell the winning ticket receive one percent of the jackpot. Owner Steve McGee says that $4 million is no small sum.

"It would be cool to have one of our customers win it. It would be mind boggling because we would get some anyway," said McGee.

There is no guarantee anyone will win the jackpot, but everyone playing has a plan for how he or she would spend their new found wealth.

"If I win I'd make sure everyone in my family is taken care of. I'll make sure all of my friends are taken care of," said Benny Barkley.

"I'd take care of the people that were there for me," said Baker.

"With that kind of money you can do whatever you want," said McGee.

Stores stop selling tickets Wednesday at 9 pm and the winning numbers will bounce and be announced at 10 pm.

One reason jackpots are getting bigger, 43 states are included as well as Washington DC and the Virgin Islands.

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