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Louisiana Delta Comm. College to lay off 28 employees

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MONROE, La. (KNOE 8 News) - Louisiana Delta Community College announced today that it has submitted its Reduction in Force plan to the Board of Supervisors for the Louisiana Community and Technical College System for final approval.

The Reduction in Force plan reflects the LDCC's continued efforts to address a budget constraint of $3.3 million for the FY13 operating budget and anticipated shortfall of $2.3 million for FY14 operating budget. Budget constraints are due, in large part, to the reductions in state appropriations beginning FY10 and continuing through FY14 for a total reduction of 47.5% over that same time period. LDCC's state spending authority for the current fiscal year, FY14, is $17,827,834.00. Of that $8,320,402.00 about 47% of the total is received from the State. LDCC is required to generate the balance or 53% of the budget from other sources increasing the amount that must come from tuition and fees. The increases in enrollment necessary to generate 53% of the budget were not realized last year nor are they anticipated to be realized this year. Other factors contributing to the budget deficit include, but are not limited to, an increase in operational costs primarily caused by higher employer retirement contribution rates, increased mandated costs, and rising employee and dependent group benefits participation.

During November of 2013, LDCC Chancellor, Dr. Barbara M. Hanson, met personally with all faculty and staff throughout the college's 2100 square mile, eight campus service area and advised them of the operational budget deficit. She indicated that reductions in operational costs would be required for the institution to maintain delivery of educational services and meet operational expenses. At that time, she noted that she had not come to the table with solutions, but rather had come to inform and to provide a forum for questions moving forward.

Over the last three months, College leadership has focused on and recognized the value of data in the decision making process. The data reviewed were connected to issues or questions that arose out of our initial discussions. This discourse and analysis produced evidence that was credible, suggestive, and applicable to decisions that needed to be made. Decisions were also weighed against an institutional commitment to maintain the viability and integrity of services to our students, our programs, and our community as well as to recognize the value of our own employees who are integral to helping us fulfill our mission. As a result, LDCC was able to identify opportunities for adjustments and improvements without closing any programs.

Many of the proposed adjustments and improvements have already been addressed by not filling positions vacated through resignation or retirement. Once all pending adjustments and improvements are completed, LDCC will have realized a reduction in force of twenty-eight (28) employees, resulting in an estimated on going savings in expenditures of approximately $1.6 million. The remaining $700,000.00 needed to achieve the $2.3 million reduction targeted is expected to be addressed on the revenue side.

Dr. Hanson stated, "We are continuing to explore all of our options. Our current financial challenges are indeed concerning and even alarming; however, we are sure that out of the midst of these fiscal challenges Louisiana Delta Community College will emerge as an even stronger and more vital institution."

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