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Cause of Waterproof's water woes unknown

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WATERPROOF, La. (KNOE 8 News) - The water is back on in waterproof. It's been off since Wednesday in the Tensas Parish town. But the boil advisory is on until notice is given. 

At James Howell's Waterproof restaurant the water is back on. Howell lives in the small town and is one of the only business owners. He hasn't used the village's water supply in his restaurant for years, except to wash dishes. But this week, there was no water and he was forced to shut down.

"We lost some money there yesterday," Howell said.  

Since Wednesday, the village has experienced a water shortage. Water would run one minute and not the next.

Mayor Caldwell Flood Jr. made the decision to cut the water supply off, letting the tank refill.

But he said he is unsure what's causing the water issues.

"Somewhere along the line of cold weather is causing this," Flood said.

Mayor Flood says the people of Waterproof get their water from the Tensas Water Distribution Association and he said he will attend their next meeting

"From this end I am at the tail end. I am receiving water and I don't get it so I need to find out why," Flood said.  

The water treatment plant is located north of Saint Joseph. Mayor Flood is on the board of the association, but said he doesn't attend the meetings because they held at the same time as the waterproof council meetings.

Howell doesn't believe it's the cold weather causing the issue. He believes there is a leak somewhere in the system and it needs to be fixed.

He says since he never knows if it's going to be clear water, he doesn't use it anyway. Until the issues are completely resolved, it's store bought water for this restaurant.

We reached out to the Tensas Water Distribution Association to find out what is causing this problem, but our calls have gone unanswered and when our reporter stopped by the facility, no one was there.

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