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Christmas brings out the spirit of giving

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MONROE, La (KNOE 8 News) - There is a new twist to a story we first told you about on Christmas Eve.

After having his truck stolen with Christmas presents inside, National Guardsman Jerail Smith found the vehicle.

Smith says after we aired his story, he saw his stolen truck at a convenience store and immediately called police.

Police had not arrived by the time the suspect was leaving, so smith confronted him. The suspect drove off, flipped the truck, and took off on foot. Smith said the truck is total loss.

"It's sad going home for and looking at it and what not. I'm glad its back but I'm sad it back in the condition it's in," Smith said.   

Smith is hoping his insurance will cover the cost of the vehicle. In the meantime, he's left looking for a new car.


WEST MONROE, La. (KNOE 8 News) - If you try, you can always find the good in a bad situation.

A few weeks ago, Penny Rials bought a truck from Sergeant Jerail Smith. When she went to meet him  for the title, he told her about a recent incident that led her to contact KNOE.

"Two weeks ago yesterday, we were at my mom's house just got done grocery shopping. We went grocery shopping and dropped the kid's off. We came back to pick the kids and left the car running because it was cold. We went in the house to get the kid's together, Came back out and the car was gone," Jerail said.  

Jerail said there are army tags all over the car, so the person who stole the vehicle had to know it belonged to someone in the military. He also said they took off with groceries, $400, his wife's phone, and some Christmas gifts in the car.

His wife, Alice, says it is very hard to get around now, especially with two kids.

"No way to go, and with no phone because my phone was in the vehicle. I have no way of contacting anyone when we do get an emergency," Alice said.  

Jerail actually has a single cab truck but it's not big enough for his family. He said he has been looking for a car. But it's hard to find one he feels comfortable leaving his family with when he is deployed to Kuwait next year. Especially since Alice is expecting their third child in June.

Rials said she contacted KNOE because a solider should not be worried about his family's transportation before being deployed.

"This is somebody that is serving our country; that is protecting us. We should come together and protect him; his family when he is gone," Rials said.  

Alice has actually never met Rials and is overcome by her actions. 

"I just want to tell her thank you so much. This means a lot," Alice said.  

 Both Alice and Jerail said it goes to prove there are still good people in the world.

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