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Sniffing for drugs, not treats

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WEST MONROE, La. (KNOE 8 News)-One dog is running around with his owner and the other one is getting a belly rub.

At first glance you would assume the dogs are average pets but what you don't know is the two pups are highly trained.

"Popeye we train him in Dutch and that just to keep the criminal and pedestrians from communicating with him" says Sargent John Dupree.

Popeye the Labrador and rocky the Belgium malmorw are members of the Ouachita Parish S.C.A.T. k-9 unit.

These two dogs were imported from Norway are highly trained narcotics dogs costing upwards of 12,000 dollars.

They train the dogs by placing a ball with the drugs, making them associate the reward of a toy with finding narcotics.

"He's going to keep smelling trying to get that ball and instantly he is getting that marijuana odor" says Dupree

"But just like your pets at home are protective of you these k-9s are just as protective of their handlers" says KNOE Reporter Hilary Hunt.

"he is so loyal to me, he watches me and only listens to me" says Deputy Justin Cromwell.

That loyalty comes from the bond between the dog and deputy. Whether they're at home on the couch or in the patrol unit.

But the dogs know when its time to go to work.

"They are just trained so much that they know whenever they get in the car that they are going to work the they know the sounds of the sirens the lights" says Dupree.

While most of us have even the hardest time training our own pooch to sit and shake, these dogs have thousands of hours of training use days like this to refresh their skills. 


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