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Drive Alive visits Tech

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RUSTON, La. (KNOE 8 NEWS) - We all know the dangers of drinking and driving. And studies show, that texting while driving can be just as dangerous. On Oct. 21, Louisiana tech students got to see just how bad both can be.

A deadly crash made possible through a high tech simulation brought to Louisiana Tech by United International, in effort to get students to their destinations alive. It's the Arrive Alive Tour.

Tech student A.J. Ahebert says she knows firsthand the consequences of drunk driving. One of her friends drove into a ditch and she admits to texting while driving.

But, after jumping behind the simulator wheel and crashing within 20 seconds, she now understands how dangerous it really is.

"It was hard to tell which side of the road I was supposed to be on because it was kind of blurry," Ahebert says.  

Camille Mosely says she does not drink or text behind the wheel, and she will not ride with anyone who does.

"Hopefully it makes people more aware that texting and driving and driving drunk is not acceptable," Mosely says. "It actually has real consequences."

Arrive Alive's James Pratt says all it takes is one bad move behind the wheel to end up a statistic.

"I know texting is four times worse than drinking and driving. It takes about four point six seconds in order to read and or respond to a text and if you are going about 55 miles per hour about one hundred yards... A full football field can go beneath you," Pratt says.

Aherbert and other students say the simulator definitely drives home two messages:

Don't drink and drive, and texting can wait until later.

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