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One step closer to Washington, Riser vs. McAllister

Posted: Updated: Oct 20, 2013 04:05 PM

MONROE, La. (KNOE 8 News)- With two fifth congressional district candidates one step closer to Washington, D.C., both Neil Riser and Vance McAllister have until November 16th to convince the voters that they are the right representative.

Both with different plans of how to gain those votes.

State Senator Neil Riser who led last night with 32 percent of the votes plans on going back to square one.

"Start all over again, November the 16th is now the election date so we will start back over the way we began" says Riser.

While his opponent, business man Vance McAllister who came in with 18 percent plans on carrying the momentum he has right now forward.

"We have got a lot of momentum and I hope to just carry this momentum if we just make this momentum keep pushing us through these next 30 days then it wont be no problem" says McAllister.

Riser is hoping his experience in Louisiana politics will also help him at the polls.

"I have the experience I have demonstrated the ability we have passed a balanced budget. I have done more than talk about the constitution I have supported and handled constructional legislation that gives me experience at the right time when the national needs experience" says Riser.

McAllister hopes his openness and reliability will earn him the votes.

"I am what I am you see what you get and I am an open bookIi think from the people. I talk to that comes pretty transparent whether it be the commercials, or my interviews, or my forums I speak from the heart and I think that's sort of a lost art in the world of politics" says McAllister.

Both, Republican, but very different candidates gunning for the seat in Washington.

Riser and McAllister say the campaigning will have to wait until Monday and they both had same plans for today.

"Go to church tomorrow" says Riser.

"Go to church in the morning" says McAllister.

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