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Woman without an identity

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WEST MONROE, La. (KNOE 8 News) - What type of life would you have, if there was no record of you ever being born? Well for one former resident, that kind of life is not too fun.

Born right here at Glenwood Regional Medical Center nearly 19 years ago, Destiny Reddoch never received a state issued birth certificate. So technically that means she doesn't even exist.

It all began within a year of Destiny's birth. Her parents, John and Linda, started questioning the whereabouts of a birth certificate that was never received.

For years they were told, by the hospital and the state, no records could be found.

Being home schooled, Destiny really didn't need those vital records until she was a teen, even though her parents were never able to claim her on their tax returns.

Now Destiny says life is difficult.

"I have so many goals and dreams and I want to go to college and everything but I can't because I need that.. The birth certificate and the social security number."

Luckily, the hospital recovered the certificate of live birth as destiny approached adulthood.

But the state still refused to issue a birth certificate because of the time that had lapsed, even though destiny could produce pictures, a crib card, witnesses, a letter from the hospital and the certificate of live birth.

So now John says it's all a waiting game.

"They still said it wasn't good enough. And so here we are waiting for someone to do something." 

Destiny and her family are currently appealing to public officials for help. Hopefully by this year's birthday, Destiny will have the proof of her time on this earth.


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