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Bomb scare aboard a plane in Monroe

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MONROE, La. (KNOE 8 News) – We are learning more about the bomb threat note that grounded a plane at Monroe Regional Airport a little before 11 Tuesday morning. There were 18 people on board the American Eagle plane. We're told none of them knew about the note until they were safely on the ground. Our Nolan Crane was at the airport and spoke with some of the passengers.

Although the threat was very serious and the passenger's lives could have been in danger, some of them say they didn't even know anything suspicious was going on until the plane touched down. The Monroe Regional Airport here had lines of people ready to check in their bags and board their plane. Flights were postponed for more than two hours because of safety precautions. Planes were grounded and incoming flights were diverted to Jackson, Mississippi and Shreveport.

"When we landed I saw the flashing lights and then we landed and they turned around in the runway instead of going to the tarmac and thought that was strange," said William Sheppard.

There were long lines with people waiting to check their bags and board their plane and others were sitting around waiting for time to pass. However, outside law enforcement agencies where checking out the American Eagle plane that was scheduled to land in Monroe from Dallas....searching for any explosives like the note FBI officials say were on board.

"We swept the passengers, the baggage as well as the aircraft, as well as the passengers to make sure there were no explosives. We didn't find any. Once that part was complete the passengers were moved to a safer location where they were interviewed by the FBI" said Chief Quentin Holmes.

We are told that passengers aboard this plane were also given a writing test so investigators could check everyone's handwriting to help determine who might have written the threatening note found in the airplane bathroom.

"They just separated us and they came around and we all got interviewed," said Rick Denardin.

"They just said there was a threat made on the plane, made to the plane and that they were working with the authorities to figure it out," said Dexter James.

As a result flights were postponed for more than two hours and some delays are still on-going. All of the passengers have been released and we're told there is no suspect right now. We'll continue to follow this and have the latest as it develops.


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