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Protesters in Monroe take to the streets against President Obama

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MONROE, La. (KNOE 8 News) - President Barack Obama spent time this week trying to get support from U.S. and world leaders for a military strike in Syria. Protesters across the nation are speaking out. Our Nolan Crane went to a rally right here in Monroe where people are calling for peace.

They might be few in numbers but protesters in Monroe say their message is loud and clear.

They don't want war and they don't want U.S. Congressman Rodney Alexander to change his mind. Alexander like many leaders on Capitol Hill disagree with President Obama's stance on taking military action in Syria.The protesters say our country has bigger problems to deal with, that another war won't fix.

"Look at the fact that we are $17 trillion in debt. Look at the fact that historically we have made our country less safe by going into these interventions," said Paul Densmore.

"It's an issue that's going to weaken our national defense. It's something that 80 percent of the American people are against. It's a very bad situation and were out here standing up against it," said Charles Kincade.

The protesters met here at Rodney Alexander's office in Monroe and they say this issue in Syria crosses party lines.

"I'm a very staunch supporter of president Obama. I still am. I think unfortunately he is wrong on this issue," said Kincade.

Protesters say they feel bad about the civil war in Syria where thousands of people have been killed by chemical weapons. This weekend protesters are out in the heat standing up for peace.

"Obviously the things that are going on over there are bad, they are reprehensible but they don't threaten us. They don't put us at risk and we just have no business there. If we get involved it will just make matters worse. We have a history of intervening in things we should intervene in and the track record is not pretty. Just look at Afghanistan and look at Iraq," said Kincade.

Protests like this in Monroe are taking place all across the country today. Those holding signs say they won't rest until Obama and congress rest.

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